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Message from the CEO

Welcome to the Cassar Group website and we thank you for visiting. This website is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of our Group, reflecting the pride, we, as Cassar employees have in our continuing growth and current success. It conveys our sense of mission to provide the best service to all our clients around the globe.

The website contains information about all the various companies  within the Group. You can find details of our products and services. You can spend some time reading the profile of our individual Companies. On the other hand you can easily press a button and contact our dynamic sales team to give you a quotation within few minutes.

Hope you will enjoy browsing our website and find it useful. Form time to time, the website will be updated especialy the news banner, where we will inform you with news related to our industry, events and other information which we think may be of your interest.

We are committed to continue to improve the 'visit-ability' of this website over time. Suggestions are more than welcome. We enjoy talking to motivated visitors and we take every comment seriously.



15/02 Website Launch  On the 15th February 2013, Cassar Group announced the launch of their new website. The feedback and responses have been very positive... more

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EST 1885 - Cassar Fuel Malta - Old Transport means by horse - oil