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We are pleased to announce that as from the 1st January 2012 we have restructured our Group with the intention of giving a better service. Being the third generation of the family in the same business, we had to build on top of our predecessors while upgrade for our times. After all these years of work, we took the opportunity to expand our business and cater for today’s demands and attract more clients to work with us.

This has happened at a time when many countries are facing an economic crisis and hence we have to be strong to take these challenges and turn them into our favour.

We have achieved our plan by increasing our land and off-shore fleets.

In fact, we have purchased a new bunker barge Padre Pio III with a capacity of 4,700cbm carrying all grades of Fuel Oil and Gas Oil. Her discharge rate is 1000cbm per hour.

Also, we have employed a number of qualified and experienced personnel. Apart from recruiting people to work within the Accounts Department, we have created new departments and also increased the manpower of existing departments.

Stocks Department – A new department was created to keep record of quantities onboard and update the Customs Department with our operations

Sales Department – The team was increased so that we can be more flexible with our clients and cater for  their demands

Operations Department – We implemented a shift system by increasing personnel so that we can operate a non-stop 24hr by 7 basis

Maintenance Department – We have employed an experienced superintendent together with an assistant so that we can work closely with the DPA with the intention of maintaining our ships and keeping them up to standard

Laboratory – We have invested in new equipment and engaged chemists to ensure that we load on-spec product which corresponds with the loadport COQ. Moreover, our personnel work closely with different local independent laboratories to ensure that the quality of our produce is up to standard. In fact, after loading, we take upper, middle, lower and running samples to be individually tested

Note: A few weeks ago, we did this procedure and noticed that the product loaded was off-spec. We refused to take that cargo and discharged the product. After various blends ran by the Terminal we loaded a new cargo.  However once again, although the product had improved it was still not on-spec. Again, we refused the cargo and discharged it.  Finally on the third loading the analysis of the results read an on-spec cargo and the fuel was loaded.

As a result of all these efforts our Goal is to:

  • increase our reputation
  • increase volumes
  • increase clients

Should you find the above interesting, and would like to discuss the opportunity to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us. In return, we promise to give you a high standard service according to your requirements.



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